Create PocketMine plugin bases with ease !

The tool to create PocketMine plugin base is back, and runable everywhere !


This tool is licensed under the BoxOfDevs Public General License v1.1.3

How to use:

First, fill all the basics infos needed for your plugin, including it's name and your username.
Then, you can choose if you want a config (located in the resources folder) and events (for your main file).
After this, choose how many tasks and dummies you want (atleast one for windows, known bug) and choose their name (ubuntu specific).
On Windows, you will need to specify a path for the plugin should be generated to.
To finish, click the generate button (you will need to click it a second time on ubuntu to generate it even after you receive a success message) and will see your plugin,
ImagicalPlugCreator source (for ubuntu) can be found at