Internet Explorator

A Windows satire game.

Have you ever wondered why is IE that buggy and ragging ? Here is all your anwsers.
This game is a satire of the well known Internet browser of Microsoft.


This game is licensed under the BoxOfDevs Public General License v1.1.2


You play in a simple browser under Windovs XD (spelled correctly) that you just updated to the 8.0 version, Internet Explorator.

Start of the game. Don't read below if you doesn't wish to spoil you.

You mostly use your browser to send emails with your profiles to companies asking them if they could hire you.
You haven't got any success.... but now, this as changed and a company purposes you a job.
You have just been engaged by Misrocoft as a mysterious job called "the Errorer".
You don't know anything about this job except that it has something to do with "errors", "users", and "raging".
A link was just given to you. Now it's your turn to go find out what is your new job.
Internet Explorator source can be found at https:/